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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of common frequently asked questions and very practical answers.

How do I register for SGI 6/6 commercial training? (6 hrs in-class & 6 hrs in-car)

Please click here to register for 6 by 6 classes or contact us at 306-737-5612.

Will I get a driver education certificate when I complete the SGI 6 and 6 training?

Yes. Once you finish SGI driver training (6 hours in-car driving lessons and 6 hours in-class training) you will receive a driver education certificate.

How many driving lessons will I need to learn to drive?

According to the SGI practice log for new drivers, a minimum of 36 hours of practice is recommended. However, The number of driving lessons a student takes is entirely dependent on how much or how little effort a student puts toward their driving outside of taking lessons. The more practice a student can accumulate, the better prepared they are going to be for a road test.

If you are ready for your class 5 road test and need to book brush-up driving lessons with our SGI certified class 5 driving instructors, please text/call now FAIZAN at 306-737-5612.

Do you rent a car for road test?

Yes, we rent a car for a road test including an hour brush-up lesson. It includes free pick-up & drop-off. Click here to learn more about our road test package.

I only need 6 hours in-class training. How much do you charge and how do I get the certificate for it?

We charge $ 150.00 for 6 hours of in-class training. Once you finish the training, the certificate will be mailed to your provided address.

We offer Online Training Session almost every Sunday on Zoom. For registration, Please click here to register for 6 by 6 classes or contact us at 306-737-5612.

How can I pay you?

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School accepts certified cheques, bank drafts, e-transfer, and cash. You pay when you start your in-car lessons.

Receipts can be provided on request. you can e-transfer at [email protected]

Do I need to complete the in-class training before I start my in-car lessons?

No. You may begin taking in-car lessons before your in-class session.  However, we recommend taking in-class training first so you have learned basic information, rules of the road, and traffic signs and signals.

Do you provide Defensive Driving Course, required by SGI, in your driving school?

No. We do not provide a Defensive Driving Course in our driving school. Please contact Saskatchewan Safety Council for more information.

How to get a Class 7 learner’s licence?

You need to pass the basic knowledge exam, the signs exam, and a vision test. You can practice by studying the Saskatchewan Driver’s Handbook and taking the interactive online Practice Quiz.

What is Graduated Driver's License 6 & 6 Program?

GDL 6 & 6 Program in Saskatchewan consists of six hours in-car and six hours of in-class instruction for everyone who has not completed driver training through a Saskatchewan high school driver education program.

Can I take my in-car lesson other than English language?

Definitely! Faizan’s Defensive Driving School has multilingual driving instructors. Our instructors can provide services in English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Pushto, etc.

Am I able to have driving lessons in my own/family or friends car?

You must have your driving lessons, required by SGI, in an instructor’s car. However, you can drive with a supervising driver who can help you with step-by-step procedures for basic driving maneuvers and suggestions. It will make the learning process a positive experience for both you and the new driver.

Please click on A Guide to Supervising New Driver for more information.

Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School provides services in Automatic cars as they are certainly easier to learn to drive. So learners are free to focus on mirrors, speed, other cars, pedestrians, and all the rest.

Check our blog on What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car?

How do I book my driving test?

Once you feel confident about taking your driving test, you can call SGI at (1-844-855-2744) or visit 1964 Park Street, Regina, SK.

Also, Check our more frequently ask questions at the bottom of our homepage.

Please click here or call us 306-737-5612

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