Hundreds of students have safely and confidently passed their road rest through our driving school – most of them did it on 1st attempt. Let’s have a glance at successful students.

Successful Students

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School is honored to receive the Certificate of Excellence from Three Best Rated.

successful student

I wanted to rant and rave about this driving school, I never thought I’d ever get my license, I have had my learners for 10 years because I was too afraid to drive. I decided to call up Faizan one day when I was feeling like it was time to try. He explained everything thoroughly, encouraged me when I made mistakes, helped me fix the mistakes so I could become a better driver. He gave me so much confidence in my driving that I passed the road test exam on the first try! Not only is it a good price for the lesson but he also let’s you rent his vehicle for the exam. I am so happy with the outcome. I encourage everyone to call up Faizan if you’re struggling to learn how to drive. Thanks again Faizan! See you on the road.

shania mahingen
successful student

Best driving instructor!! I took brush up lessons with him before my exam and was able to pass on the first try. He gives very clear and immediate feedback that is tailored to your needs. He also always identifies areas that you have trouble with and adapts the lessons so you can focus on things that need the most practice. He’s really good at explaining issues on the road and is passionate about helping students become excellent drivers. Highly recommend!

successful student

I would like to say that Faizan’s Defensive Driving School was the only reason that I got passed!
With professional and practical comments, they helped me just in TWO hours to lower my point from -68 to -9 and pass the exam!
This is exactly called professionalism!
Thank you very much, dear Faizan.🙏🎉

arash alipour
successful student

I only believe in leaving reviews when they deserve 5 stars, but this is the most sincere 5 star I have ever given, and will give. Faizan told me exactly what the examinator told me I did wrong and I still passed with a high mark. 5 out of 5 would recommend to anyone planning on taking they’re exam whether they need extra help or not.


Faizan is a really amazing driving instructor. He is makes you feel easy and is a very patient teacher. When I went on my first drive with him it was after almost 5 years, so basically I started from scratch. He gives clear instructions on your mistakes and tells you what you need to improve on. He is very encouraging and does not hesitate to let you know when you make a mistake. After the 6 by 6 training and some training on my own I was confident enough to go for my road test and passed on my first try. I would reccomend him to any new driver in a heartbeat!

successful students

Faizan is great! I needed brush-up lessons before the road test and he prepared me very well. I passed the test easily.


I passed my road test today, It was a great experience with mrt Faizan after I finish the 6/6hours classes just to make sure everything is prepared for the road test I took a brush up lessons with him and he fixed all my mistakes that I haven’t got done for my drive b4. Highly recommend!


Passed in my first attempt thanks to Faizan !!

This was something that I should’ve done 2 years ago as soon as i came to Regina, put it off for way too long and had a chip on my shoulder that most of my friends already had their licenses and some of them did not make it through in their first attempt and was slightly nervous. I searched online and saw all the amazing reviews for Defensive driving school and thought it was too good to be true, till i started driving. Faizan put my mind at ease and was very honest and friendly and made sure that i did not repeat mistakes all the while focusing on good defensive driving ! I cant thank you enough for bring a part of this journey and helping me with this milestone !

TL;DR : I passed my road test in my 1st attempt, amazing brush up lessons with Faizan ! 110% i will recommend to anyone who asks me !!

amal majeed

I highly recommend this driving school.
Mr Faizan- the owner/ trainer is very professional and hands on in handling his trainees. He is a good motivator, with positive attitude and most of all teaching all the techniques on how to pass the road test.

Tim Tame

Faizan is really professional, especially when my English is not good, he patiently explains and teaches me every time. During the period of learning to drive, he taught me a lot and also gave me a lot of encouragement. I was very happy that I passed the road test on the 17th of last month. Thank him so much. Friends who need to learn to drive, I highly recommend him! !


It was the best decision to take brush up driving lesson with Mr. Faizan. He is really professional and his tips and techniques are really helpful. I don’t think I would be able to pass my driving exam on first attempt without his help. Thank you so much for taking your time to teach me. I 100% recommend him to any new drivers who are looking for lessons or even just for brush up lessons.


He’s a professional, experienced driving instructor. He will let you know what exactly would likely happen during the road test. There wouldn’t be any surprises during the driving if you can follow his instructions. Just got my class 5 license today, and that’s why I surely recommend him.

di lu

Great experience and excellent service! I will 100 percent recommend this driving school in Regina.
I took few brush-up driving lessons with car rental service for my road test from Mr. Faizan. He is wonderful and professional teacher.
Thank you Sir!


the most dedicating driving instructor I ever have. He carefully observers how you drive, teaches you what you should know and wonderfully guides you to improve your driving. After 5 years of driving in the U.S I think I learn more from Faizan in just 4 hours of brush-up lessons.

kevin pham
successful student

Faizan is the best driving instructor you can ask for. He is so patient and helpful. I learned the best and passed today on my very 1st attempt. Thank you so much!

money sadiora
successful student

It was really a wonderful experience of gett8ng trained by such an instructor like Faizan. I felt like I was driving with my own family member. He works on the areas that need improvement highly and focuses on other aspects side by side.

The way he makes the things understandable is really appreciable and easy to grasp.

Overall, I would suggest him for ny friends and relatives because its really worth the money to get trained by Mr. Mohammad Faizan.

gurleen kaur
successful student

Faizan’s is a INCREDIBLE instructor, he will teach you everything you need to pass your exam with flying colors… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 👍🏼👍🏼

alexis yadir ramirez marmol
successful student

Mr Faizan is an excellent, very professional, and kind teacher. He makes us feel comfortable and is a very patient teacher. He is also good at explaining issues on the road to help his students to be successful.

jiaxuan liu

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