What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car?

What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car?
What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car?

When you have made up your mind to learn to drive, you will be bewildered by the amount of talk around you about

What Should Be The Most Significant Facet Of Your Novelty Car’?

Should it be the engine?

Or you should have your eyes rolling on the safety ratings?

Isn’t the fuel efficiency everything?

What about the stereo system?

Utter the magical spell of those 3 magnificent words and all the nattering around you will vanish in 3…2… and 1…




Mark My Words: Driving heavily relies on 2 considerate factors –

  1. The Kind Of Transmission You Have Access To
  2. How Comfortably You Can Adapt To Changing Conditions

Did you know that you will experience significant differences in learning to drive an automatic or manual car?

SuggestionFaizan’s Defensive Driving School provides services in Automatic cars as they are certainly easier to learn to drive. So, learners are free to focus on mirrors, speed, other cars, pedestrians, and all the rest.

Manual Car

What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car
  • Left Feet – To push down the clutch pedal – It rests next to the brake and gas pedals.
  • Right Feet – To push down the brake and gas pedals.
  • Left Hand – To move the stick for shifting the gears.
  • Right Hand – Used for steering.

CautionMaintain a secure balance between the stick and clutch, or else the car can stop.

The procedure was a ‘SIMPLE’ tutorial to drive a manual car. Stay with me to unleash the advantages.

Pros & Cons Of A Manual Car


  • From a personal experience: Driving a manual car tends to offer more fun than an automatic car.
  • Low maintenance vehicles than their automatic counterparts. Also, their repair cost way less.
  • Not only does their repair cost less, but these cars are also less expensive.
  • Manual vehicles always provide better fuel economy and perform better in adverse conditions.
  • Offers more power and control.
  • Renders better acceleration in lower gears than automatic vehicles.
  • Learning to drive a manual car will provide you with the skills to drive any vehicle, whether automatic or manual.


  • Multitasking Prohibited – Since driving a motor vehicle itself is multitasking and on top of that if you choose to drive a standard car, you are increasing more distraction by shifting the gears.
  • Don’t Be So Harsh On Your Joints – Do not purchase a manual car if you typically drive in a stop-and-go traffic area.
  • Caution – Drive a manual in a hilly region only if you are an experienced driver, else you might risk yourself and others on the road.
  • Driving a manual car > Learning to drive an automatic car.

Automatic Car

What Should I Learn To Drive –  An Automatic Or A Manual Car


Automatic Car = Manual Car – Clutch – Stick (The Gear Shifter)

Well, leave the above-mentioned equation as our mentor will train you how to drive an automatic automobile right away –

Simply steer while pushing the gas pedal.

7 simple words and you have learned how to drive an automatic – Well, that’s what we call easy in the real sense.

Hang on to learn everything (yes, they possess some disadvantages as well) about these technological masterpieces.

Pros & Cons Of An Automatic Car


  • Automatic vehicles will provide you with a wide range of models than manual transmissions ever will!
  • Multitasking Mode Initiated.
  • Personal Experience: You would be better off in hilly as well as stop-and-go traffic areas in an automatic car.
  • More uniform acceleration is rendered as gears in these automobiles shift swiftly.
  • Simple and easier to learn than their manual counterparts.
  • Automatic automobiles focus only on the 3 following schedules –
  • Steering
  • Acceleration, and
  • Brakes

Hence, they are less distracting, and the driver can easily keep his/her head solely on the road.


  • Recommendation – Never purchase an automatic automobile if you are a fanatic about speed, power, and control. You will be disappointed!
  • Not suitable for adverse conditions as you might not possess the desired control over your vehicle.
  • More repairing costs than their manual counterparts.
  • Price of automatic automobiles > Price of manual automobiles.
  • Automatic motor vehicles offer worse fuel economy than manual cars.
  • Do not learn to drive an automatic car if you are required to regularly switch between an automatic vehicle and a manual automobile.

ReasonDriving an automatic car will not actuate manual driving skills.


Certain driving schools in Saskatchewan might train you how to drive both cars, but your selection should completely depend on your preferences. Do you wish to drive in an automatic car, Faizan’s Defensive Driving School in Regina has got your back? Please reach us at 306-737-5612 or visit our Google Profile.

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