SGI Certified Class 5 Driving Instructors
driving school in Regina

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School Regina 

Proudly Serving – Regina & Moose Jaw

SGI Certified Class 5 Driving Instructors

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School Regina 

Proudly Serving – Regina & Moose Jaw

Regina’s Top-Rated Driving School that everyone is talking about

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School is an SGI Certified Class 5 Driving School in Regina & Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We provide High school and Commercial Driver Training (6 hours in-Class and 6 hours in-Car training) in Regina and surrounding areas. Upon completion of the Driver Training Education, we issue an SGI 6 & 6 Certificate. Our core services at Regina Driving School include SGI 6 & 6 Mandatory Driver Education, Brush-up Lessons, (designed to improve your driving performance and habits before the road test), and Rental Vehicle for Class 5 Road Tests also available at an affordable rate.)
Our Vision – In our Driving School Regina, student drivers acquire the right skills to become competent drivers who protect their communities. Driver Training focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills, not just passing a class 5 road test. It teaches skills that last a lifetime, not just one hour. Our driving instructor Regina teaches our students to be safe on the road and drive with confidence. safe drive! Let’s drive defensively!

About Us

You can always read our story, but here are a few highlights about our Regina driving school

  • SGI Certified (Male & Female) Driving Instructors
  • Many Years of Driver Education Experience
  • 2 Driving School Locations in Saskatchewan.
  • Offering both Online Class & In-Car Learning
  • Providing Driving Instruction in Many Languages.
  • Our Driving School Regina has 270+ 5-star ratings on Google Reviews & 35 + 5-star ratings on Facebook.
  • Awarded Certificate of Excellence – Three Best Rated

Our Programs

Google Reviews

about us

Best Rated Driving School Regina

At Faizan’s Defensive Driving School in Regina, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive, and encouraging environment as you start your driving lessons and learn to drive. This promotes the interest of the learner drivers.

  • SGI 6 & 6 Training (6 hrs in-car & 6 hrs in-class)
  • Brush up lesson before your road test
  • Car rental for road test
  • Free pickup and drop-off in Regina & Moose Jaw
  • Weekend 6 hrs. online in-class session 
  • Convenient scheduling for 7 days a week
  • SGI Class 5 Certified Driving Instructors
  • Payment options to suit your convenience
  • Certificate of Driver Education (6 & 6 Classes)
  • Multilingual Service: English, Urdu, Hindi,Punjabi
  • LGBTQ friendly + Transgender safe space

Driving Lessons & Training Certification

Below you will find our most popular driver training packages

Brush up on Driving Skills Before Your Road Test With sGI certified driving instructor in regina

Refresher Lesson

  • Free Pickup and Drop-off in Regina & Moose Jaw
  • Driving Evaluation
  • Pre and Post Lesson Follow-Up (If Needed)
  • Parallel Parking in 3 Easy Steps
  • Minimum 1 Hour In-Car Duration
  • Class 5 Advanced Road Test Preparation
  • Multilingual Driving Instructors: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
  • Flexible Hours (7 Days a Week)
  • Dual-Controlled Cars For Your Safety
SGI Mandatory Driver Education (6 Hours in-Class & 6 Hours In-Car)

SGI 6 & 6 Training

  • 6 Hours in Class (Most Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm on ZOOM)
  • 6 Hours In-Car Driving Lessons
  • Free Pickup and Drop-off in Regina & Moose Jaw
  • Pre and Post Lesson Follow-up
  • Minimum 1 Hour in-Car Duration
  • Flexible Hours (7 Days a Week)
  • SGI 6 & 6 Training Certification
  • Dual-Controlled Cars For Your Safety
  • Multilingual Driving Instructors
Car Rental For Class 5 Road Test

Road Test Package

  • Includes 50 Minutes Warm Up Lesson Before the Road Test
  • Free Pick-Up and Drop-off in Regina
  • Pre and post Lesson Follow-Up (If Needed)
  • Dual-Controlled Cars For Your Safety
  • Multilingual Driving Instructors: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
  • Flexible Hours(7 Days)
6 Hours Online Training Session On Zoom

6 Hours In-Class Only

  • SGI Certified & Professional Driving Instructors
  • 6 Hours in Class (Most Sundays on Zoom)
  • SGI Certificate Upon Completion
  • Note: Certificate will be mailed to the provided address


Why Choose Faizan’s Defensive Driving School Regina

We have been providing Mindful Defensive Driving skills in Regina & Moose Jaw for the past many years now. We understand that choosing a good driving school near Regina and the surrounding areas can be a difficult decision. That’s why we offer cost-effective and quality driver education for Saskatchewan’s learner drivers. During driver training (SGI 6 by 6 Course) – 6 hours in-class & 6 hours in car (Mandatory Driver Education), our Professional Driving Instructors in Regina focus on safe, responsible, and defensive driving.


Our Driving Instructors are Highly-Trained in the latest Safety Techniques & Rules of the Road.


All our Driving Instructors are SGI Certified, mentally, and physically fit and have a decade of experience.


Now is the perfect time to take SGI 6 by 6 Course or Driving Lessons in Regina & Moose Jaw.


We know this process can be expensive. So we constantly monitor our competitions pricing.


We offer 6 (six) Hours of Online Training Class through Zoom most Sundays.


We allow you to decide when and how you want to pay. We accept all major forms of payments.

What Our Student Driver Says

Made the Right choice

Just listen to what Faizan says to you. That’s all you need. Upmost professional defensive driving teacher. I just took my exam this morning and I passed. He will teached you the most critical point in driving, the right timing on turning, how to spot potential hazardz on the road, driving on gravel and highway, and city driving of course. If you are afraid on parallel parking. He will also teach you the right way, show you and correct you on you mistake as well. Yes. I TOOK THE ROAD TEST ONCE AND I PASSED. Thank you! 5 stars for this Driving School. I made the right choice. If you’re looking for driving instructor Regina, Faizan is the guy to contact for ur driver education courses.
Belo Angeles

Great Driving instructor in Regina

Great instructors!. My in car driving instructor was very professional, calm and patient with me. I’ve learned a lot of tips and feel safer and more confident on the road . Edit: I passed my driver’s exam 😌 a lot of what faizan had told me really stuck with me. I’m so thankful that I had him as an instructor. Generally, I have a lot of anxiety so as a new driver my nerves always got the better of me. After the 6 hour in car training I continued practicing and certain things just stuck with me. “Early braking…. Gental breaking”… I also appreciate his method of parallel parking, I’ve always had an issue making things more complicated than they need to be. His method just made it a lot clearer. Thankyou Faizan, you are by far the best driving instructor in regina and surrounding areas. 😊
Paiten Johnson

highly recommend 6+6 training

If anyone is from a country that SGI would not honor or convert licenses from or if you’re a beginner driver🔰 I highly recommend the 6+6 training with Mr. Faizan. (2 hrs introductory drive 🤝 + 2 hours mix gravel & highway 🛣️ + 2 hours downtown city driving 🏙️)
At first driving by myself it was a bit confusing due to differences from Europe 🇪🇺🇷🇴 but Mr. Faizan has helped me learn what it’s like to drive in Canada 🇨🇦 by giving me constructive feedback on my driving, his tips and instructions are actionable and teach you to watch for hazards ⚠️ ahead of time to prevent accidents, especially in winter ❄️.
The parallel parking 🅿️ tips were really good and at the time of this review the driving lessons are done with an automatic 2014 Honda Civic and so if you’re used to driving manual but want a small brushup on what automatic is like, this is the right place.
The car is easy to drive and it helps you understand what you can expect driving will be like if you’re new and living here. This helps you get setup learning how to drive safely and gain confidence as a new driver.
David Toth

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let’s Clear Your Doubts

  • Faizan’s Defensive Driving School is the best and most affordable Class 5 Driving School in Regina & Moose Jaw. We have well-trained, experienced, and SGI Certified instructors.
  • Our students are confident that they will receive the finest and most comprehensive (SGI 6 by 6 Course) mandatory driver training available by SGI-approved driving instructors.
  • Let us help you to get on the road to crash-free driving with our positive, friendly, and calm driving instructors in Regina.
  • The Cherry On The Top – We also provide pick-up and drop-off service in Regina & Moose Jaw to help save you greater time and plan your lessons with much ease.

  • Faizan’s Defensive Driving School in Saskatchewan is an SGI Certified Class 5 Driving School, offering its driver training services in major cities of Saskatchewan.
  • 6 and 6 SGI Class 5 Driver Training is the most comprehensive course package covering all aspects of driving. The Driver Training includes 6 hours of in-class lessons and 6 hours of road driving lessons.
  • SGI Certified Driving Instructors give individual advice on each student’s strengths and weaknesses to help them pass their class 5 road exams, as well as defensive driving suggestions to improve their driving performance and habits.
  • Upon completion of the required 6 and 6 SGI Class 5 driver training, the instructor provides a Certificate of Driver Education. You must present the Driver Education Certificate to the driver examiner at the time of your Class 5 road test.
  • Yes. We provide 6 hours of online in-class training on ZOOM most Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.
  • No. The maximum we can schedule is for 2 hours/day depending on your and our availability.
  • You don’t have to pay anything at the time of registration and you can even finish the 6-hour in-class first. Payment is due at the start of driving lessons.
  • It costs $ 150 for 6 hours of online class on ZOOM.
  • For SGI 6/6 course, sometimes we have a seasonal discount. You can call us to know if there is any deal going on.
  • For in-car driving lessons, we provide completely free pickup & drop-off in Regina & Moose Jaw.
  • We know it might be challenging to take time out of work sometimes, so we created an SGI 6 by 6 Training exclusive driving course for your flexibility. You might complete this Express and Exceptional Course in just 4 days.
  • Please reach us directly at 306-737-5612 for Express SGI 6 & 6 Training.
  • No. We also provide driving training in Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Swift Current, White City, Pilot Butte, Balgonie and, Lumsden.
  • However, if you are anywhere in Saskatchewan and looking for SGI 6 hours online class only, we have got you covered! We offer an online class on ZOOM most Sundays. To register, please click here or contact 306-737-5612.
  • For in-car driving lessons outside the city of Regina, please email us directly so that we can get you the best driving instructors near you.
  • It’s the million-dollar question! When choosing the best driving schools in Regina, Saskatchewan, you must look for SGI Certified Class 5 Driving Schools & Educators, their reviews and recommendations, flexible schedule, dual brake cars for your safety, and their decent amount of availability.
  • Faizan’s Defensive Driving School is your best bet if you are looking for everything you have just read! Please contact us now to book your driving lesson so that we can get you on the road safely, confidently, and defensively.

There are few ways to look for it:

  • You can google ‘driving school Regina’ or ‘driving instructor Regina’ where you can find the list of decent amounts of driving instructors and their schools. You can choose, compare prices, and ask for their advice. REMEMBER! ‘CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST.’
  • You can visit the SGI driver educator’s website and choose the driving educators of your choice.
  • Ask your friends and family members or co-workers. They might know any good driving instructors in Regina.
  • Remember, everyone is different. The more practice you do behind-the-wheel, the better you become at it. Although, we recommend at least 2 to 4 hours of driving lessons weekly with an approved driving instructor. Obviously, you don’t want to miss or leave a big gap between your lessons, so consistency is important.
  • You must be at least 15 years old to take driver’s ed in Saskatchewan. If you are 16 years of age or older, did not take driver’s ed in high school, or never had a driver’s license from any other province or country, then you must take Commercial Driver Training also known as SGI 6 by 6 Course (six hours in-class, six hours in-car.)
  • Get in touch with us for the best driver training in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • On average, driving lessons in Regina & Moose Jaw may cost between $80 to $90 per hour. For 6 & 6 training certification costs, contact Faizan’s Defensive Driving School at 306-737-5612 for the promotional price.
  • However, prices may vary depending on the driving school of your choice.
  • You can always call us at 306-737-5612 to know if any promotion or seasonal price is going on.

Yes. We do have a driving school in Moose Jaw – offering our driver training services including SGI 6 & 6 Course & Brush up Driving Lessons.

Please reach us directly at 306-737-5612 to get your driving lessons from one of the best and highly recommended driving school in Moose Jaw.

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