If you want to be safe on the road, the following useful videos may help you become a mindful defensive driver for the rest of your life.

How To Turn Right At An Intersection – Part 1

How to Shoulder (Head) Check When Turning & Changing Lanes

Left Hand Turn Demonstration

KNOW all about STOP SIGNS + RIGHT OF WAY || Right of way rules | New Drivers Tips on stop signs

Emergency Vehicles and the Rules of the Road

How to share the road with transport trucks

Zipper Merge Demonstration

NRSF Tailgating and The 3-Second Rule

Six Conditions of Driving” (NEW Driver Education VIDEO)

Everything else can wait

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Texting

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Lipgloss

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Occupants

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Purse

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills

2016 SGI Road Safety Campaign

SGI Driving Without Impairment

60 Second Driver – Railway Safety

#AskAnExaminer Part 1