Benefits Of Driving Lessons In Regina Before Road Test

Private Driving Lessons Regina
Private Driving Lessons Regina

Once perceived as optional, the benefits of driving lessons in Regina before road tests are now highly recommended. Getting the right training before operating a car is advantageous on both a financial and personal level. From the experts at FAIZAN’S DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL, below mentioned are a few advantages of attending driving lessons before taking your road test.

You can ace your class 5 driving road test the 1st time as your professional SGI Certified Driving Instructor is aware of all regulations associated with driving and can alert you of recent changes to rules.

I Can Improve Your Driving Record. Wanna Try?

Students are less likely to develop bad driving habits in the future, decreasing the likelihood of costly tickets, infractions, and dangerous collisions with training from knowledgeable driving instructors.

You Will Certainly Keep Waiting If You Don’t Read The Below – Mentioned 31 Words

Drivers must wait for 9 months for the class 5 driving exam after they pass their written test with a certificate of driver education from An SGI Certified Driving School.

Did You Know? You can take driver training the moment you pass your written test.

Looking For A Date?  

Many driving instructors and driving schools pair you with other learners during driving sessions, so you can learn not only from your mistakes but from that of others too!

Did You Know that driving school is a great place to meet new driving partners and driving friends?

You will find and have plenty of individuals to practice with.

Practice For The D – Day

Benefits Of Driving Lessons In Regina Before Road Test

There is no better way to increase your chances of passing the road test than with driving lessons.

Each session, you will be put to the test on the road in real – life circumstances, learning how to safely navigate common challenges and issues on the road. You will become more confident on the road as you practice.

Good News – On the day of the real test, you would not be hindered by stress or anxiety and will feel like a professional.

Be Safe On The Road

Attending a driving school will ensure that you know the rules, regulations, and protocols of the road like the back of your hand. Not only will you possess better driving technique; you will be able to drive defensively, know how to avert/avoid a collision, and have the training to adapt to fluctuating weather conditions.

Attending driving lessons from professional instructors = Your safety + The safety of other drivers on the road.

Fact & Stats Check –

Study Year – 2018

Find Of The Study – Distracted/Inattentive driving is the #1 contributing factor in collisions involving injuries or death in Saskatchewan

Benefits Of Driving Lessons In Regina Before Road Test
  • Factor in 9031 collisions
  • 7695 involved property damage
  • 1256 involved personal injury
  • 80 were fatal

Study Year – 2018

Findings Of The Study – Alcohol or drug use was a factor in over 46% of all traffic fatalities in Saskatchewan.

Benefits Of Driving Lessons In Regina Before Road Test
  • Factor in 739 collisions
  • 359 involved personal injury
  • 43 were fatal

The aforementioned study data focuses on sixteen-year-old drivers as its key data point.

Bottom Line These studies indicate that receiving training from certified driving schools and instructors –

  1. Reduces your chances for tickets and collisions, and
  2. Better prepare you for driving

No Room For Recklessness

A professional driving instructor can –

  1. Teach young drivers about the dangers and risks of reckless driving.
  2. Eliminate recklessness which may be in a cause-effect relationship with over–confidence.

Allow The Driving School To Teach You Some Etiquettes *OOPS*

Did You Know that there is much more to driving than simply following the rules, regulations, protocols, and laws?

There are rules of driving etiquette which allow us to share the road with other pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. An SGI-certified driving school and driving instructor can teach the nuances of driving etiquette in addition to the rules and regulations.

Don’t You Think it is good to know what might anger other drivers and what can help us to all drive peacefully and safely, especially in today’s world where road rage happens now and then?

Only 3 Things Matter In This World:

1.    Experience

2.    Experience

3.    Experience

There are several things one can learn about driving in videos and books, but practically driving and getting behind the wheel makes all the difference in this entire world.

A driving instructor and driving school experience which includes several hours of training behind the wheels better aids to prepare learners for the situations they will experience on the road. 

Key Takeaways – Situations such as losing traction in the snow or rain can cause drivers to freeze up and panic even when they “know” what to do.  Experience aids drivers to stay controlled and calm in tough and panic situations.


Benefits of driving lessons in Regina before road rest are advantageous in several ways. You may pass your road test on 1st attempt with the help of certified driving educators, and eventually become a better driver.

Contact us today for more information about our driving classes at FAIZAN’S DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL!

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