Why Do Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Road Test?

Why Do Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Road Test
I failed my road test - student with an examiner after a driver's road test

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Did You Know that most of the drivers are merely trained for the sake of passing the road test, rather than to a grade that mechanizes them to become safe and confident drivers for themselves and others on the road for life, by such driving schools?

Stat Check – 35% of the first-timers fail their road test.

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School In Saskatchewan, Canada covers all the day-to-day intricacies and challenges that most drivers face every day. Complex intersections, freeways, merging and exiting on the highway, gravel drive, 1-way streets, and traffic circles – You Name It, We Teach That!

Most trainers and parents start by telling their wards what to do on the D-day. How about telling them  ‘What Not To’? Concerning specifically Saskatchewan, Canada, about to be mentioned are the top reasons why most student drivers fail their driving test –

Reasons Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Class 5 Road Test:

  • exceed the speed limit
  • are involved in a collision for which you are at least 50% responsible
  • fail to stop where required
  • fail to yield to vehicles and pedestrians
  • fail to wear a seatbelt
  • cannot parallel park
  • disobey traffic lights
  • fail to follow a request from the SGI examiner
  • require the examiner’s assistance
  • make several small mistakes together

DO NOT MOVE – Even A Bit!

Automatic Rejection – Break the law and you will suffer the consequences.

An Infraction is an Infraction – No matter how small it is!

Remember the driving examiner is waiting for the candidate to make a mistake. One error from the latter will instigate the former ticking innumerous boxes on the check – sheet.

Why Do Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Road Test

Tip Do not roll stop at a stop sign, or even drive over the speed limit slightly. Never, I repeat. – One of the top reasons people In Saskatchewan fail road test.

Let Me Take The Control, Sir

A student driver goes on the driving seat, but returns on the passenger seat

What do you make out of the aforesaid scenario? Will the candidate pass the test with flying colors in one go?

Inevitably, not!

Just Imagine: Things worsen to a standard that the examiner himself/herself has to physically control the car. Oh, God!

Bad habits inculcate improper practices that lead to the aforementioned situation.

Tip – Avoid unsafe exercises such as fail to stop where required, fail to yield to vehicles and pedestrians, any danger action and many more.

P For Practice

You might have heard ‘There’s no substitute for hard work’, but you should also know ‘There’s no substitute for practice’ as well.

A learner driver does not possess adequate control, skill, and confidence if he/she lacks practice.

Lack Of Practice = 0 Experience Garnered On Road

Paucity Of Confidence

Wrong Mentality Of Examinees Witnessed At Faizan’s Defensive Driving School –

  1. I will drive hesitantly for too long at intersections.
  2. I will never drive over the speed limit.

Faizan wishes to express such unwanted and unwarranted surmises to you vis-à-vis as this doesn’t reflect real-life applications at all and can cause you points.

Understand that you are expected to show the true potential and mastery of your skills on the zeroth hour. No skepticism will be rewarded, required, or tolerated.

An Old Wives’ Tale That Needs To Be Snapped

Parallel Parking is something that everyone knows about, but none can pass through.

We, at Faizan’s Defensive Driving School In Saskatchewan, Canada facilitate Brahma-Astra for this one onerous task. Our highly-trained & veteran mentors understand that parallel parking is not simply a positioning game but also demands control while backing up. You will be exclusively trained for jumping the curb only at Faizan’s Defensive Driving School.

Recommendation – The ideal number of hours that one should spend on the road to procure the confidence and experience required for safe driving simultaneously with other drivers is 50 hours to 60 hours.

‘COLLISION’; Copy That

Why Do Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Road Test

P R O T O C O L : Even the slightest bummer and the test should be instantly stopped. No questions asked. No explanations are required.

  1. If the applicant is faulty – for which he/she is 50% or more responsible.
  2. If the applicant is not faulty – The test will be rebooked and rescheduled.

Imagine bearing a fine + losing heavy demerits point before even earning a license to your name – Oh My!

Takeaway Tip – One should never follow ‘Everyone Else Does It Too’ either in life or in the driving seat.

Still Not Sure Why Most People In Saskatchewan Fail Their Road Test?

Let’s #AskAnExaminer their tips, Road Test myths, and, the top 10 mistakes on your road test in Saskatchewan

  1. Traffic signals
  2. Stop signs and stopping positions
  3. Forfeiting the right of way
  4. Right of way
  5. Pedestrians and crosswalks
  6. Intersections (Controlled and Uncontrolled)
  7. Right and left turns
  8. Parallel parking
  9. Speed
  10. Shoulder checks

Sinecure Your Driving Seat

Passing the road test on the very 1st attempt is not as difficult as most individuals confer it to be. If you have spent a sufficient number of hours behind the wheels gearing up and graduated from a reputable driving school, passing the driving test should be a piece of cake for you!

Takeaway Tip –

Winning Combination On & Off The Road = A Firm Grasp On The Road Rules + Immense Confidence Garnered

To convert your behind-the-wheels test into a duck soup, contact Faizan’s Defensive Driving School In Saskatchewan, Canada.

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