Reasons Why You Should Rent A Driving Instructors Car For Your Driver Exam in Regina

Reasons Why You Should Rent A Driving Instructors Car For Your Driver Exam in Regina
a learner driver renting a car for road test in regina from a instructor

The class 5 driving test in Regina can be a stressful experience to prepare for a lot of learner drivers. You have to show the SGI driver examiner that you:

  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Maintain speed limit in a school zone
  • Drive for the condition
  • Know parallel parking skills
  • Know about backing up
  • Turning right and left at controlled & uncontrolled intersections
  • Incorporate right of ways
  • Know-how to the lane change
  • Shoulder check
  • Understand the true meaning of the STOP & YIELD sign

It’s a lot to remember. Then, *SURPRISE SURPRISE* you find out you ALSO require to provide the vehicle you will use for your driver exam in Regina.

Did You Know that very few learners have either their spare family vehicle or their vehicle just sitting around ready to use whenever? If they do have a vehicle of their own it is typically ‘knockabout’ quality, functional enough to get from point A to point B for the time being but not exactly winning awards for reliability and quality.

In either case, you are borrowing someone else’s vehicle or using the 1 that has question marks over its roadworthiness. You are at the mercy of another person letting you use a vehicle, and the condition of the vehicle is going to determine whether you will even get to take the driving test with it.

In this article, we are going to look at a few reasons why you should rent a driving instructor’s car for your driver exam in Regina to avoid certain issues, and how it might aid you to do better during the test itself.


The vehicle you were planning to drive for the road rest in Regina has a surprise for you:

‘My windshield is cracked, and the crack lines up with my line of sight.’

Reasons Why You Should Rent A Driving Instructors Car For Your Driver Exam in Regina
  • All driving schools and driving instructors in Saskatchewan are also required to ensure their vehicles are covered by SGI commercial liability insurance, and a surety bond and the vehicle is intended for U-Drive (a motor vehicle that is rented to a learner driver for their class 5 road test in Saskatchewan) that covers driving lessons on roads where a learner is in control of the car.
  • A vehicle supplied by a driving school or driving instructor must be registered.

‘I Am Familiar With My Driving Test Car’

Arguably one of the most important advantages of using an instructor’s vehicle for the D – Day: taking what will (hopefully) be your last driving session as a student will be much easier with a vehicle that you have used for major development during your learning process.

You will become more accustomed and comfortable to taking professionally instructed driving lessons in it after several driving lessons with a driving instructor using their vehicle. Learners tend to find it less daunting or difficult to perform slow – slow–speeds such as parallel parking, and backing up techniques in the vehicle they taught them in.

This can provide you a bit of a psychological edge during the driving exam in Regina aiding to give a sense that the test is little more than a lesson with a checklist of graded tasks to accomplish. That’s all that a test is in the end – a revision of all the skills you have learned over the past six to twelve months. After all, there is no better vehicle to flawlessly go over it all again than the vehicle that you have been mastering and learning these skills.

Have An Edge Above The Others

For many learner drivers, another benefit of using an instructor’s vehicle for the driving test is the experience and superior quality given by a vehicle belonging to a dedicated SGI-certified driving school or driving instructor.

An SGI-certified driving instructor or school’s vehicle is their source of business, and far likelier to be a newer vehicle with premier comfort, safety, and clear markings that depict the vehicle is in use for training, other cars on the public road is more likely to be lenient with you.

In addition to being high quality, vehicles provided by instructors such as those supplied through FAIZAN’S DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL, meet the highest safety standards as laid out by SGI.

Excuse Me Sir – the vehicle you provide for the road test is unsafe:

Your Road Test Can be Refused for the following lists of equipment, if not in working order:

  • horn
  • signal lights
  • brake lights
  • headlights (as required)
  • windshield wipers (as required)
  • working defrost (as required)
  • seatbelts and airbags
  • speedometer
  • one valid licence plate properly attached to the rear of the vehicle
  • unobstructed windshield
  • no aftermarket tinting on the windshield or front side windows
  • functioning driver’s and front passenger’s doors
  • proper seats
  • the passenger compartment of the vehicle is not clean or free of strong scent or odour
  • the vehicle is not the right class for the licence you want

Also, a road test will be refused if click here

Driving schools or driving instructors need to maintain the good condition of their cars and keep up-to-date knowledge, ensuring they are roadworthy at all times. Renting a driving instructor’s car for your driving exam in Regina can prevent learner drivers from failing the road test as the students are already comfortable understanding the vehicle’s dynamics and operational controls.


So, Reasons Why You Should Rent A Driving Instructors Car For Your Driver Exam in Regina. You should consider booking your driving instructor’s car for a guarantee of a smoother driving test experience, safety, and better peace of mind.

Check out our car rental packages to secure a pre-test warm-up lesson and the use of a driving instructor’s car so you can pass 1st time with confidence and comfort.

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