How To Find The Best Driving School In Moose Jaw?  

Best Driving School Moose Jaw

How you interact with your four-wheeled friend will be determined to a great extent by the driving school you select. For this reason, it is imperative to ensure that you find the Best Driving School In Moose Jaw that can transform you into the kind of driver you aspire for.  

Have a look at the following considerations that you should make when finding the best driving school in Moose Jaw to use as you aspire and train to become a driver & some tips that will aid you have a pleasant time during the entire process.  

Tips To Find The Best Driving School In Moose Jaw  

Consider the below-mentioned useful tips for finding the best driving school in Moose Jaw –  

  1. Visit The Facility  

One Thing – Boasting about an amazing driver’s training environment.  

Another Thing – To Actually Have 1!  

TipPlan a visit to a few driving schools that you have narrowed in Moose Jaw and observe the driver training process if possible.  

During your visit, you will be able to see if indeed the driving instructors are as professional as you would wish them to be and if they possess the facilities that they claim to have.  

Tip DO NOT FORGET to take a look at their vehicles and ensure that they are well-maintained, clean, and safe.  

  1. Possess A Number Of Different Options  

Tip Never settle for the driving school nearest to your home in Moose Jaw.  

One should at least find 3 to 4 driving schools in Moose Jaw that meet their selection criteria and select the best one from this list. This will certainly help you find the best choice for your teen or yourself because you will be comparing the different driver’s training schools in Moose Jaw that matter the most to you.  

  1. Work With SGI-Approved Driving Schools In Moose Jaw  

Moose Jaw is very specific about driver training, specifically for teens, so ensure that the driving school you find is approved and accredited by SGI. (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) 

  1. Ask This Question To The Driving Schools In Moose Jaw:  Have You Insured Your Training Vehicles?  

Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst.  

Things can go wrong as you work on ameliorating your driving skills à Therefore, you need to be sure that you are protected from any liability as a result of such occurrences.  

The aforementioned can only be achieved by an in-car insurance policy. So ensure to ask if they possess one for their driver’s training vehicles.  

  1. Another Question On The List: Do You Provide Evaluations And Progress Reports?  

When you enroll in a driving school, you need to observe an improvement in your driving skill over time as an effect of the training provided in the institution. Keeping this in mind, a school that sends you regular evaluations and progress reports throughout the training program will help you understand how you can improve your driving performance and driving habits before taking the class 5 road test in Moose Jaw

  1. Learner:Teacher  

The size of a class will determine the attention that the trainers can provide learners.  

TipFind a driving school in Moose Jaw with a low learner:trainer.  

A low learner:instructor ensures that the students do not have to compete for attention or facilities from the trainer. Hence, the driver’s training environment will be more conducive to learning.  

  1. Read Online Reviews About The Best Driving Schools In Moose Jaw  

Find out what past students have had to say about the facilities and services offered by the driving schools in Moose Jaw that you are considering. These reviews will help highlight things that you should look out for in these types of driving schools. Their experiences will also tell you what you can expect from the driver’s training school so that you won’t be surprised/shocked to learn about a bad practice when it’s too late.  

  1. Discuss With Your Family And Friends 

Tip Be it driving or anything else in life, learning from your friend’s past successes and mistakes can aid you to avoid making the same mistakes again & again.  

Therefore, you should begin by asking for recommendations and suggestions from family and friends who have used the facilities and services of the institutions in Moose Jaw.  

  1. Money Matters My Friend!  

The cost of the training offered needs to be within a reasonable range.  

  1. Tip Get quotes from a few driving schools to understand the best, competitive price. This ensures you do not end up paying more than you should be paying for the driver’s training –  
  1. Flexible Timings Of Lessons in Moose Jaw   

A driving school should have time slots at different times of the day to accommodate the different schedules of the learners.  

  1. Comprehensive Driving Lessons  

There is much more that goes into driving just than the practical aspect.  

Mandatory – Thorough understanding of the rules + Proper sound judgment.  

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, the driving lessons should touch upon the practical driving lessons + skills training + theory.   

  1. Who Will Be Teaching Me?  

Ensure that the instructors are up to the task as you will be spending a big chunk of the time with them.  

  • The teacher should be dedicated to delivering an engaging learning process.  
  • Should be SGI Certified Driving Instructors.  
  1. Access The Learning Materials Of The Driving School In Moose Jaw  

The learning material of the driving school should prepare you for the written test and also provide you with a firm understanding of the process. 


Finding the best driving school is not the easiest thing to do. However, you will be able to find one that will provide you with the best value for your hard-earned money while ensuring you end up a competent and skilled driver with a little research.  


We have narrowed down your search and found the best driving school near you!


Student-rated Faizan’s Defensive Driving School is the best and most affordable driving school in Regina and Moose Jaw that offers: 

  • SGI 6 by 6 Driver Training – 6 hours in-class & 6 hours in-car (Mandatory Driver Education) 
  • 6 Hours Online Class through ZOOM 
  • Brush-up Driving Lessons (Refresh your driving skills before the actual road test) 
  • Free Pickup & Drop-off in Moose Jaw
  • Flexible schedule 7 Days a Week 
  • Driver Education Certificate (required by SGI) 

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