How to Pass Your Driving Test in Saskatchewan, Canada?

How To Pass Your Driving Test In Saskatchewan, Canada
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With Great Driving Licence, Comes Great Responsibility

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Taking the driving test can be a tedious task for many, but there are curated methods that can help pass the driving test, with flying colors, in a single go.

So, we have laid down some helpful tips, tricks, and techniques so, you may safely pass your driving test in Saskatchewan easily the 1st time –

Before Scheduling Your Road Test

Get Lots Of Practice

While driving around with your supervising driver during the learning period, have them rate you.

Faizan’s Defensive Driving School Instructors evaluate your driving on:

  • abiding by road signs along the route
  • anticipation of potential hazards
  • parallel parking and backing up
  • proper lane driving
  • shoulder checking
  • starting
  • stopping
  • traffic signs and signals
  • traveling through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • turning
  • various safe driving practices like speed selection and steering techniques

Tip Practice as much as possible with a supervising driver in different driving conditions like snow, rain, and fog–Use the true potential of your learner’s licence.

How to Pass Your Driving Test in Saskatchewan, Canada?
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Gear Up Before Sleeping On The Night Before Your Driving Test

Before driving on the actual D-Day, inspect your car to ensure that it meets the minimum standards.

Did You Know that you can automatically fail your driving test in Saskatchewan? if

  • cannot provide proof of having completed the required driver education
  • the lights (blinkers, brake lights, headlights, etc.) do not work on your car?
  • the vehicle you provide for the road test is unsafe or not equipped by the law.
  • you drive to the test office illegally

For a full list of failing your road test, click here.

Did You Know- if you don’t have a car for the road test, Faizan’s Defensive Driving School has got your back. Click here to learn more about our Road Test Package.

If you are unfamiliar with the skills, reach us so there is no surprise on your Big Day:

Contact Numbers:

  • Calling Number – 306-737-5612
  • WhatsApp Number – 1-306-737-5612
  • Email –
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General Driving Tips For The Zeroth Hour

Defensive Driving Is The Key To Success

If We All Knew Who The Other Person Is and What He/She Is Doing Behind The Wheels, There Would Be 0 collisions.’

But unfortunately, we don’t, and it is where defensive driving comes into play.

Tip Predict the path of potential hazards, the more often you practice predicting what may happen and what other drivers might do, the quicker you will be able to make accurate predictions

2.     Your Examiner Favourite Test: CHANGE THE GAME BY CHANGING THE LANE

The Ultimate Truth Of The Driving Test in Saskatchewan – You will be asked to change the lanes.

Tips For Changing The Lanes:

  • Determine whether you’ll need to change lanes ahead of time. Signal your intention to change lanes.
  • Double-check your mirrors to make sure the gate is open and no one else is approaching.
  • Shoulder check to look for motorists or obstructions in your blind spot.
  • Look where you want the vehicle to go and steer there.
  • Gradually increase your speed and steer the vehicle to the position where you are looking.
  • When you are almost completely in the new lane, look ahead to the point where you intend to drive, and your steering will adjust.
  • Cancel signal. Be aware of the conditions of your new gates. Adjust your speed.

Suggestions: Always check your rear-view mirror to avoid getting rear-ended after the lane change.

3.     There’s Something About Parallel Parking Most Drivers Don’t Get

Unquestionably, the most difficult task your SGI examiner will ask you to bring off – Parallel Parking in Parallel Multiverse.

Recommendation Since it requires you to always look behind while backing up, it is highly advisable to get in touch with Faizan’s Defensive Driving School to learn parallel parking in just 3 easy steps.

Tips Concerning Parallel Parking –

  • Eyes are the natural mirrors and on top of that, if your mirrors are properly adjusted, the blind spots can significantly be reduced.
  • Always turn your head during parallel parking. This will allow you to exactly see your blind spots where you are positioned and how much space you have to operate between.

4.     Deploying Turn Signals And Making Turns

Wish to lose points on your H-hour? Turn left or right without signaling.

Apart from utilizing turn signals, you are required to –

  • Slow down and brake in a straight line (if needed)
  • In or near the intersections, look for vehicles, pedestrians, and any real or potential hazards. A simple sweeping motion of left, straight ahead, right, left would be enough.
  • If there are no potential hazards, finish your right turn into the first available driving lane. (Not a parking lane -but do not make a wide turn)

CautionThe examiner may take your points away if you turn too slow or too fast. So keep it simple and steady, slow down during the turn, and speed up when you complete it.

Failed Your Driving Test? Don’t Worry – Faizan Is Here To Help!

We, at Faizan’s Defensive Driving School, will help figure out what went wrong and correct the mistakes so that you pass the road test next time.

Faizan’s Icing On The CakeOur brush-up lessons are designed for students who wish to improve their driving performance and driving habits before taking the road test.

Takeaway Tip – Don’t feel discouraged or consider giving up driving. Instead, Do This:

  1. Get out
  2. Keep practicing
  3. Ensure you are always chaperoned by SGI certified driving educator – Faizan’s Defensive Driving School.


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