Winter Driving tips, tricks and proper technique you want to keep in mind while driving in Canada

Driving is not a game for children; you need to be vigilant and trained before stepping behind the wheel. You need to ensure that you are following the rules and laws of driving, taking safe routes, and staying away from any dangerous situations. But when it comes to winter driving in Canada, it requires special winter driving tips and skills. .

You will see that the roads of Canada are covered in snow for most of the year. Driving on roads with thick layers of ice can be extra dangerous. You need to be prepared for the slippery roads and adjust yourself for the poor visibility due to the snow. But there are a few beneficial winter driving tips, tricks, and techniques that Faizan’s defensive driving school” can offer you to keep you safe and protected on the road. We are located at 3261 Green Stone Rd, Regina, SK S4V 3R4. Phone(306) 737-5612

Getting the Vehicle Winter Ready:

Before you start driving the car, you must prepare your vehicle. Winter driving conditions can also be harsh on the cars as the ice can get stuck to the tires and the system of the cars. Therefore, you need to ensure that the car is in top condition before taking it on the road.

Follow the manufacturing maintenances rule of the car, make sure you are getting a scheduled car wash. You can even go to the winterization inspection of your car to make sure your car is full-proof and won’t cause any trouble in winters. Following are some of the things that you should double-check before driving the car:

Winter Driving tips, tricks and proper technique you want to keep in mind while driving in Canada
  1. Battery:

For your car to start correctly and work properly, ensure that the battery is charged fully. You’ll also need to clean the battery posts and check the charging system of the car.

  • Light:

In the snow, you need extra help to see and be seen clearly. Therefore, ensure that the headlights work correctly and are bright so that you can see properly.

  • Brakes:

Checking the brakes in winter is a must; there is the possibility that they get stuck due to ice. Hence, clean the brakes, take it to a technician and make sure it is working appropriately. Also, change the pedal fuel and lubricate the brakes to ensure that they do not make a squeaking sound and work properly.

  • Heating and cooling system:

Check the radiator the heating system so that your car does not overheat. You also need to check the coolant and make sure that the car heater is working or not to stay safe from the extreme cold.

  • Tires:

Keep your winter tires maintained; wash them on a scheduled basis so that the ice, mud, and gunk can be removed properly. Next, make sure they are correctly fitted to avoid getting into an accident.

  • Windshield wipers:

One of the primary reasons for accidents in Canada is that people cannot see clearly due to the snow. Therefore, you need to ensure that the wipers of both windows are working adequately. Also, fill the winter washer fluid regularly. It will prevent any unfortunate situations from happening.

Prepare for winter driving in Canada:

When you take the driver training, they tell you different points to help you drive in this extreme weather. Ensure that you take the proper routes, check the weather before getting out, and be safe while driving.

Following are some of the information and points that a driving instructor tells their students if they want to drive in snow.

  1. Clean the Windows:

Before stepping into the car, you need to clean all the windows. Remove snow from the back and front windshields. Even remove the ice from the hood, roof, and side mirrors. Clean the windows for fog and frost.

If the vision becomes blurry between the journey, you park at a safe place and clean all the windows again. It is one of the best preventative measures you need to take in winter to avoid collisions. Also, do not forget to clear the snow from licence plate.

  • Take winter driver courses:

After taking driving lessons for beginners, make sure you take the winter driving courses. It will help you get experience and knowledge about driving in the winter.

  • Stay on the main roads:

It is crucial that you stay on the man roads and watch the speed. Main roads are wider and cleaner than the small streets. Hence, making it easier and safer for you to drive in the snow.

Other than that, you need to stay calm and never try fast speed in the snow as your car can skid and cause an accident. You also need to make certain that you are confident and comfortable while driving.


so now you know Winter Driving tips, tricks, and proper techniques you want to keep in mind while driving in Canada

  • Driving in Canada can sometimes be very hard because of the snow and slippery roads. Therefore, there are special schools that will give you knowledge about how to drive in snow and other harsh weather.
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